Association of Research and Development Industrial Organizations

The Association of Research and Development Industrial Organizations is a voluntary, nonprofit, interest organization. It is an independent organization associating research organizations in the Slovak Republic, which are focused on research, development, education, certification and directly related activities, such as design, manufacturing, assembly, and operation of facilities.

The ARDIO’s Mission and Goals

advocate its members’ interests during negotiations with the state administration bodies and other bodies and organizations related to the preparation of strategic, conceptual and development plans of the R&D and the system of fi nancing them,

represent its members within the preparation and negotiation of research development programmes within the framework of technical and industrial policy with the state administration bodies,

coordinate activity and cooperation with individual sectors of science and technology within the preparation of strategic, conceptual and development plans of research and development; to coordinate cooperation with relevant agencies supporting R&D within the preparation and execution of decisive research programmes; to support the development of technical standardization and its harmonization with the EU; to coordinate the development of testing, metrology and to promote the quality systems; to support the development of international scientifi c-technical cooperation,
in cooperation with the state administration and coordinating bodies to develop the tools and contacts that support the Association’s and its members’ participation in international programmes and organizations,
participate in the preparation and amendment of legislation related to the members’ activity; to promote, through employers’ associations and the Slovak Industry Association, the expansion of direct and indirect tools of stated aid to industrial research and development and to support the unifi cation of formulations and goals in the form of intra-association discussions and conferences.

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