VÚEZ, a.s.

VÚEZ, a.s.

Hviezdoslavova 35, P.O.Box 153, 934 39 Levice


VÚEZ activities in the field of R&D are aimed predominantly at applied research of emergency systems for nuclear power plants (NPP) as well as leak tightness enhancement of NPP hermetic compartments. The following activities are concerned:

  • Analysis of used insulation materials, used paints, cables and other materials that can be encountered in the debris distributed in the coolant after an accident
  • Monitoring the interaction of debris and coolant under real post-accident conditions, the impact of the debris on efficiency and functionality of filtering elements
  • Manufacture of experimental facilities, instrumentation, and control, manufacture of prototype filters, the performance of qualification tests, evaluation of results
  • Implementation of test results in new designs of plant-specific strainer structures
  • Tests of materials under radiation load. Injection polyurethane materials and sealants based on EPDM synthetic rubber
  • Modification, design, and testing of shaped double seals for local leak tests of airlocks
  • Monitoring of hermetic liner

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