VUJE, a.s.

VUJE, a.s.

Okružná 5, 918 64 Trnava

In area of nuclear power industry provides VUJE the engineering, design and research activities within completion and reconstruction of nuclear power plants including extension of their lifetime and their decommissioning, supplies of radioactive waste repositories and equipment for spent fuel interim storage facility, development and supply of simulators for training of nuclear power plant operators and implementation of program for launching the nuclear power plant operation. In area of classic power industry the Company performs development works, analyses, prepares feasibility studies, modernization studies, carries out reconstructions and constructs new power equipment and elaborates the studies for their disposal. In area of electric power distribution VUJE designs and deliveries electric distribution lines, control rooms, simulators of the switchyards and assesses the conditions of critical components.

VUJE is a member of international professional organizations and associations (FORATOM, ENS, HALDEN Reactor Project, NEA OECD, IDN – IAEA, CCE Fission).

Integrated quality management system of VUJE is certifi ed by Lloyd´ Register-Quality Assurance (LRQA) company, furthermore, the calibration laboratories of pressure gauges and thermometers, vibration diagnostics, testing laboratories of nuclear power installations, chemical modes, electromagnetic fi elds, radiation dosimetry and thermal ageing of VUJE are certifi ed in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard. The Company owns a certifi cate of National Security Authority of the Slovak Republic.

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